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Courtney Wolfe

Ohhh Boy! When it comes to talking about myself I am NOT a fan. But hey I am the owner of Wolfe and Mane so I am sure your a little curious what I am all about. Well, I have only been doing hair since 2016, which seems crazy everytime I say that outloud. I am extremely passionate about hair color and hair extensions, so much that those are the ONLY services I offer. Here is why. I have had fine thin hair my whole life and I have tried every extension method on the market and I have always struggled with hiding them and struggled with finding the right person to do fine thin hair. Its not all that easy. I take an endless amount of education to stay on top on trends going around, and I want to give my guest the best service they have ever received. I truly feel that if someone offers every service on the menu you really are only good at all of them, never exceptional or I never felt satisfied with my results. I decided I want to offer only two services and really dive deep into each service. I could talk about that for days, but lets get on with it.

I have the best family with two nephews who are literally the CUTEST things in the world (maybe I am biased but, I love them.) All of my family live so close to me so I am so lucky! I also have my man (Cameron) and two fur babies (Chloe and Bentley), they are the Loves of my life. I also love everything outdoors like golfing, hiking, running and if you have met me or followed me on insta you KNOW my LOVE FOR PLANTS!! So much I maybe realized this year I may have started to have too many... Shhh. Well enough about me, come check out Wolfe and Mane and experience it for yourself!!

Owner and CEO, Courtney, using curling wand on her medium hair length

Meet The Team

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